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  • Houston Consulting Group, LLC., teams with highly qualified & experienced EPCI Companies & Project Consultants in various disciplines, spread-out in several Countries for Project Management in Oil, Gas, Chemicals, LNG and Energy projects in areas including but not limited to:

    • Project Management, Interface Management, Engineering Management, Construction Management

    • Risk Management, HESQR (Health, Environment, Safety, Quality & Regulatory) Management, etc.

Systems: Web-based Project Interface Management Module / System.


Hamood Alhabsi - CEO, Across Technologies, LLC. Muscat - Oman  

  • Graduate Mechanical Engineer from UK, former Director of Operations & Maintenance in Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO).

  • ATC-LLC is Omani Company registered with PDO and other affiliate companies.

  • ATC-LLC is sponsor for several foreign companies, . . .  


Michael Joachim - Director, International Process Plants (IPP) - USA  

  • HCGLLC serves Clients & sources, IPP is the largest source of Surplus Plants & Processing Equipment, includes Refinery, PetroChemicals, Ethanol Plants, etc.

  • Sources IPP for surplus Refinery, Plants & Equipment relocation projects.

  • Joining hands HCGLLC and IPP offer Plants relocation to Developing Countries.


Andrew Swanson - Commercial Director, ExonTech Engineering - USA  

  • Andrew holds an M.Sc. Engineering Surveying (UK), Exontech developed & uses plant relocation database & software from dismantle to rebuild.

  • ExonTech has successfully relocated over 25 plants globally in two decades.

  • HCG & ExonTech are geared up on plant relocation projects globally, . . 

Pics_John Pitts.jpg

John Pitts, Managing Partner, Gulf Coast Pipe & Steel - USA   

  • HCGLLC and John Pitts have signed Master Services Agreement (MSA) to cater potential projects in Mexico and Latin America.

  • John is highly qualified and experienced in Drilling Pipes & Accessory Equipment.

  • He excels with over two decades of Business Development & Sales input. 


Agha Sohail Asif - CEO, NorthWest Trading (NWT) - Pakistan  

  • HCGLLC coordinates with NWT on Projects in Pakistan, NWT groups with highly qualified and experienced Professionals in Oil & Gas, PetroChem, Energy Projects 

  • NWT provides resource of Local Contractors for Plant Relocation projects

  • Tremendous opportunities in Pakistan with CPEC - the game-changer.

Pics_Arif Azeem.jpg

Arif Azeem, President & CEO, AZM Energy, Inc. - USA   

  • HCGLLC and AZM Energy have signed Master Services Agreement (MSA) to cater potential projects in Pakistan, India, Brazil, etc.

  • Mr. Azeem is Business Development major, highly qualified and experienced in International Oil Gas & Energy Projects.  

Screenshot_20200704-155206_Adobe  Acroba

Nasser Alhabsi - CEO, Precision Engineering & Consulting, Muscat, Oman  

  • Graduate Electrical Engineer with vast experience, teamed with Mechanical Engineers & Chemical Engineers for Oman projects in Oil & Gas PetroChems, etc. . . . .

  • Project plans include relocated Sulfuric Acid plant, Vegetable / Food Processing plant.

  • Working on relocated Gas Turbine Manufacturing plant for Oman & GCC, . . . .

Other Project Team Consultants, . . . .  

  • Site Under construction, . . . .

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  • Site, . . . .

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