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Provide the Project Interface Management services to Operator-Clients, mentor Interface Coordinators via 'Certification Program', special emphasis on Concurrent Engineering, Risk Management, VIP, LL's, and use of web-based Interface Management Module on projects, . . ongoing  

  • MID-TERM PLANSProvide the Project Interface Management services to Overseas Clients via USA Companies for FEED and EPCI on project-by-project basis, . . ongoing


Provide the Project Interface Management from USA Companies for 'cradle-to-grave' interfaces on:

  • LNG-Regasification & Power Solution for Developing Countries

  • This plan is to facilitate via USA Sponsors, identify EPCI company for near-shore LNG Receiving Terminals, Identify the Conglomerates in Developing countries responsible to liaise directly with their Governments & obtain sovereign guarantees; Sourcing of USA Fabrication yards for Pre-fabricated & Pre-commissioned LNG-Regasification Storage & Power (FSRPU) barges; Barge-mounted LNG-to-Methanol, LNG-to-Ethanol, LNG-to-Fertilizers / Phosphates, LNG-to-Ethylene plants, etc. . . . . ongoing

  •  Refinery & Chemicals Pre-Turnaround Interface Management:

  • This plan ensures defect-free and picture-perfect Pre-Turnaround activities for Refineries & Chemical plants (Mid-small to small sized) via web-based Interface Management system.  This requirement is an absolute priority for smooth & efficient execution of “Plant Turnaround” for ensuring the HES (Health, Environment & Safety), controlling $-budget over-runs, schedule delays, & within constraints of safety & quality guidelines.

  • Upgrade & Relocation of New & Surplus Refinery, Chemicals, Power Plants, etc.

  • This plan is to:

  • *Upgrade & run recent foreclosed Refineries, Chemical & Power plants with Overseas investors, and

  • *Upgrade &/or relocate New & Surplus Plants to overseas Developing Countries.


  • HCG-LLC Newsletter & Monthly Review Meetings:

  • The HCG-LLC team and subsidiary Global Energy Consulting to issue periodic updates, . . . stay tuned.

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