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Business Plan, . . . Experience matters. . .

Project Management & Interface Management services to major Client-Operators on:


  • Managing critical Interfaces on Oil, Gas, LNG, Chemicals & Energy mega-Projects, with Stakeholders;

  • Implementing Internal & External Interfaces via Web-based Module for an effective Project Interface Management by controlling $-Budget overruns & Schedule delays that compound to Safety & Quality issues;

  • Interface Management energizes the process of Concurrent Engineering & achieving picture-perfect and defect-free results during all phases of project life-cycle from Concept to Operations;

  • Pursuing the plan proposals: 

    • USA Role in LNG Regasification Solution for Developing Countries.

    • Refinery & Chemicals Pre-Turnaround Interface Management.

    • Upgrade and Relocate new / surplus Refinery, Chemical & Plants.

  • Mentor & train Client's Discipline Engineers on Project Interface Management, . . . .

Houston Consulting Group, LLC with it's subsidiary 'Global Energy Consulting' are geared to provide Project Management & Interface Management services on mega-Projects in USA, the Middle East & overseas developing countries.

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